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This Meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish which are officially fond of lists. Every Tuesday they post a new Top Ten List on something and want other people to join in. They also do have a list of all past Top Ten Tuesdays and the ones which are coming up soon.

This week’s topic is: Top Ten Books To Read During Halloween

I’m a wimp. Let’s just say it loud. I don’t do scary books because I get nightmares. As a kid I was convinced that the bad wolf was living behind my curtain and nothing could convince me otherwise! So, books for Halloween? Maybe Vampires will do?

1.  Haunting Violet – Alyxandra Harvey
That’s one of the few ghosts books I have read in the recent years. And it’s a bit scary!

2. Black Dagger Brotherhood Series - J.R. Ward
There are no vampires out there more sexy or more screwed (in a totally gorgeous way!). 

3.  Hourglass – Myra McEntire
There are quite a few ghosts running around in this book. For me this was definitely creepy!

4.  Dearly, Departed – Lia Habel
This is my first zombie book, ever. And I liked it and some of them were still weird and mean and scary. 

5. The Drakes Chronicles – Alyxandra Harvey
Plenty of Vampire action, cool characters and amazing twists. 

6. Dark Hunter Series - Sherrylin Kenyon
These are gorgeous vampires, and shapeshifters and other paranormal creatures mixed with plenty of mythology. 

7. Soul Screamer Series - Rachel Vincent
This series is about death, a lot of dead people. You even get a few reapers and then some of the dead are resurrected, kind of. Short, plenty of creepy things. 

8. Die for me - Amy Plum
This one is also about death. And people are dying in terrible ways, and come back later. Which is kind of unsettling.

Ok, and now I’m running out of ideas. Just read whatever comes in to your hands ;)