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This meme is hosted by the peeps @ The Broke and the Bookish, which are officially fond of lists. Every Tuesday they post a new Top Ten List on something bookish and want other people to join in with their lists. And, of course, they also do have a list of all past Top Ten Tuesdays and the ones which are coming up soon.

This week’s topic:

Top Ten Books I’d Recommend To Someone Who Doesn’t Historical Romances

I started reading historical romances long before I read my first paranormal or fantasy book. Though I don’t read that many any more they are still in my heart. And I have a few books I still re-read regularly .


1. Silk and Secrets – Mary Jo Putney

I love all books by Putney since almost 15 years. She write so loveable characters and introduces us to love, friendship and amazing adventures. This book is maybe may favourite one though I also absolutely adore her Fallen Angel series.



2. Dreaming of you – Lisa Kleypas

I don’t think I ever came across a Lisa Kleypas book I didn’t like. Actually most of her books are in my favourite historical romance list. But this one is special. It’s entertaining, so sweet and also very sad in a way. If you don’t like this go for one of her other series like The Hathaways, Wallflowers or the contemporary Travis series



3. The Heir – Grace Burrowes

I love Grace Burrowes work. She breaks out of the traditional historical romance frame and introduces us to sensitive, irrational, vulnerable and so loveable to characters, both male and female.




4. Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage – Jennifer Ashley

So intriguing characters and stories! That’s also true for Jennifer Ashley. The series about four Scottish brothers is refreshingly unusual and so amusing!



5. The Duke and I – Julia Quinn

This is the beginning of a truly amazing and entertaining series about a family with 8 brothers and sisters. And each of them undergoes an adventurous and diverting love story.



6. Slightly Dangerous – Mary Balogh

The fulminate finale for the lively, chaotic and loveable Bedwyn family. I loved seeing the ice-cold Duke falling in love, so charming and funny. And of course the woman isn’t suitable. So much more fun.



7. The Bronze Horseman – Paullina Simons

What a moving and beautiful book. Set in St. Petersburg during the Second World War this book made me cry so much and I still love it, or maybe because.



8. The Road to Avalon – Joan Wolf

A retelling of the Arthur saga so sweet and loveable, it’s one of my favourite books ever. It’s not a fantasy book, it’s very much written as a historical romance with an edge. Please believe me you won’t regret reading this book.



9. Private Arrangements – Sherry Thomas

I love when historical romances doesn’t start the same way as usual: meeting – instant-love – courtship – HEA. Sherry Thomas’s books definitely shake this up. Especially here, when the couple is seperated since years and now meet again as the wife wants a divorce.



10. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

That’s not a classic historical romance as it has some time-travelling elements but overall fits the genre quite well. And since I read it the first time in 1997, I have re-read t least 10 times. And I still love Jamie and Clair. Such at sweet, intense and enthralling love story.



And now I completely forgot Eloisa James. Ok, first honorar mention: Potent Pleasures!