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Have you seen the Pinterest logo around the Internet, below posts (e.g. mine), on sidebars? Have you wondered what it is about? I did and now I’m addicted.

Pinterest is the new social platform where you pin pictures to your digital pinboads. You can have as many boards and pins as you want. The really interesting and addictive fact about Pinterest is, that you can re-pin pins posted by other people. Like this you can collect all kinds of interesting things, which are then easily accessible on your boards. You can follow specific people or just some of their boards or search in all posted pins.

Why is this interesting for book bloggers? I’m using these boards to pin book covers of books: I wish to have; I read; I reviewed and so on… And because Pinterest is so visual, you get an easy overview and it’s very pretty. In addition I collect bookich quotes, post cards, blogging tips and absolutely amazing info graphics (such as this one).  Frankly, you can have a lot of fun time on Pinterest and meanwhile discover thousands of fascinating books, graphics, designs… just endless possibilities. Here is a screen shot of my Pinterest boards:

and one of my board with reviewed books:

And there is also the very interesting fact that Pinterest was, according to Shareholic, one of the Top5 referral sites in January 2012. There were more referral from Printerest than from LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. I admit I was surprised and sceptical about these findings. But then I added one of my reviews to Pinterest and in 3 hours over 30 people added this pin to their boards and most of them also visited my blog. So it seems to be true. Anyway I would keep Pinterest already because of the super aesthetics and the great functions.

At the moment Pinterest is still an invite-only website. If you want to join let me know and I can send you and invite.

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