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I missed out on challenge #2 but now I’m back for #3! This time Vicky and Celine want us to tease eveyone else with our current reading material. I love the idea, especiallt because I got a great book for review and started reading it pretty much immediately. It’s an intriguing vampire story, which is set in a world where humans are pretty much distinct. Interestingly I’m not sure if it is a dystopian world or complete fantasy. Anyway the story is told from the POV of 16-year old boy. I enjoy this a lot and love following his inner voice. And her comes the teaser:


The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda

“Lunchtime has always been a challenge for me because I don’t have friends. I’m a loner, partly because it’s safer – less interaction, less chance of being found out. Mostly, though, it’s the prospect of being eaten alive by your so-called friend that kills any possibility of shared intimacy. Call me picky, but imminent death at the hands (or teeth) of a friend who would suckle blood out of you at the drop of a hat … that throws a monkey wrench into friendship building.”

page 11 of the digital ARC
published by St. Martin’s Griffin, release date: May 8th 2012