Monday, April 16 th, 2012 · 4 Comments ·

I was super eager to read the second book in Jennifer Estep’s young adult series Mythos Academy. In the first book Touch of Frost (you can read my review here) we were introduced to the heroine Gwen Frost and I bonded immediately. Gwen is a likeable and has a wicked sense of humor. Furthermore she doesn’t give up and is always willing to fight for the right thing, even if she has to help people she can’t stand and who didn’t behave decent towards her. 

In addition there is this amazing chemistry between Gwen and the local man-whore Logan. It’s sizzling on the pages and I couldn’t wait to read more. And of course I’m rooting for them and was hoping that they will overcome their problems and will end up as a couple. 

I was fortunate. Jennifer Estep stepped up and delivered the perfect sequel. Now that we know the protagonists she focused even more on constructing this fascinating paranormal world interspersed with mainly greek and norse mythology. And she threw me onto an emotional roller coaster as the relationship between the spartan and Gwen is on the brink again. The sparks or better the fireworks are clearly there, but Logan seems to be unable or unwilling to overcome his personal reluctance. And through I wanted to kick his ass for torturing Gwen, I’m still very much captivated by him. Let’s just say throughout the book he redeemed himself. 

I also enjoyed that I got to know Gwen’s new best friend Daphne a lot better. The Valkyrie is a dedicated friend and supports Gwen in all situations, no matter what.  Besides she adds a well-needed bright pink twinkle to Gwen’s sometimes dull, sometimes overly dramatic life. I was very happy that Gwen finally manages to make more friends at her school. Friends who accept her as she is. Generally this book had well-developed supporting character who enriched the story. In particular enjoyed Gwen’s bloodthirsty sword Vic, who can’t refrain from snippy comments. Just hilarious. 

The story isn’t fast-paced, which is no problem at all, as I enjoyed learning more about the characters. But I was wondering where it would leed me. I shouldn’t have doubted Jennifer Estep. After a slow start the tension is rising. The plot was increasingly gripping the more danger for Gwen accumulated. I loved how more classical, mythological creatures were incorporated into the world of Mythos Academy. And I was definitely not predicting the outcome of this novel. Neither the big show-down nor the sweet ending was on my horizon and these unexpected twists and turns kept me on edge.

Overall Kiss of Frost is a fun and entertaining sequel to Touch of Frost. I enjoyed the storyline, a feared for the main characters and hoped for the lovebirds. The chemistry between Gwen and Logan is even better than before, Mythos Academy becomes more differentiated and the villains stock up too. And just like last time I want to know more about this world and what will happen next to the main characters.